Watermill golf and gardens have clubhouse with 2 floors hexagon design that when you arrive you will be welcome from our staffs.

We have large car park with roof and in clubhouse have restaurant that serve Thai food European food and Japanese food for you at reasonable price with also Seminar facility and locker room for golfer which have shower and sauna .

We also have accommodations to serve golfers that looking for nature and to relax with nice round of golf with full facilities.

For reservation and further information

Golf courses 02-5491555 - 58. Fax. 02-5491559 Mobile 081-5879971 Resort. 02-5491560 - 63. Fax. 02-5491564 Mobile 084-9075959

For the almost convenience of your recreation, we also provide guest rooms for golfers in the part of “Watermill Golf Resort” which consists of 72 rooms, seminar, karaoke, internet, home theatre, fitness, sports ground. Here you will meet full relaxation together with various kinds of exercises under the serene nature.

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