Watermill Golf & Gardens : Paradise of golfers was founded in 1991 on a 800 rai (317 acre) piece of land, with 18 holes and par 72, design by Mr. Jay Roberts Savastano, the famous golf course designer from the team of Dye Designs USA. The outstanding feature is the water obstruction which is very challenging for the golfers, especially on 11th hole, par 3 at 157 yards, the çIsland greené is certainly to be remained in all visitors  mind.

With a high standard design, Watermill Golf & Gardens is trusted by a number of organizers for competitions. In addition, we’ve always been supporting young golfers through Watermill Junior Golf Championship. We are also trusted to be the competition course for Universiade 24th, 2007 as well. Watermill Golf & Resort allows the visitors to enjoy the resort-style space at a number of 72 rooms, plus other facilities such as: Seminar Room, Karaoke, Wireless internet, Fitness, Sport Ground for playing Soccer, Basketball and Beer Bar altogether with superbly tasty food, just to ensure that our visitors can enjoy both the natural recreation and their beloved golf.

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